Next steps to Prepare for life abroad

  1. 1. Set study abroad goals
         What would make your time abroad successful?

  2. 2. Prepare your strategy
         What resources and people are needed to reach your goals?

  3. 3. Walk the talk
         Are you staying on track? Do you need to adjust your goals?

Preparation articles

Prepare for studying abroad

How can you prepare for your international life? You got accepted to a study abroad program, so things suddenly got real. You are excited about living and studying in a foreign country but at the same time you are a bit baffled about how to get st... Continue reading

Study abroad packing list

Packing principles for studying abroad The rule of thumb is that you should pack what you can't buy or isn't worth buying abroad and you have the actual physical space to pack it (without adding another luggage). In the following points we collect... Continue reading

Accommodation guide abroad

How to decide where to live while studying abroad? Moving abroad presents several questions after you have been accepted for a study abroad program. Your host institution may offer dormitory placement (hall of residence), you may look for a host f... Continue reading

Study abroad culture shock

What is culture shock International education provides a great opportunity to experience cultural diversity and improve cross-cultural understanding, but everything comes at a price. Beside the actual financial expenditure, study abroad programs g... Continue reading

Arrived to study abroad

Kickstart your semester abroad The first days of most study abroad programs are naturally challenging for international students. The lifestyle of international students is inherently intense and in the beginning it is difficult to keep up with... Continue reading

Make friends abroad

Guide to international friendships You may have a few trusted friends or you are surrounded by an armada of buddies back home, but the challenges of studying abroad will most certainly open a new page in your social life. At first it may seem down... Continue reading

Maximize your experience

Nightmare or fun abroad? Some international students have bittersweet memories instead of telling a success story from their first semester abroad. When they return home, they are being asked to sum up their intercultural experience and the answer... Continue reading

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