Conquer Abroad INTERNATIONAL STUDENT GUIDE Inspiration and preparation for the champion study abroad experience.

Inspiration and preparation for the champion study abroad experience.

What do we do?

You are facing the biggest change in your life.

Today may be the day to:
- gather your courage to study abroad
- prepare for championing international student life or
- find new challenges after your global adventure.

Wherever you are in your journey, we push you towards your goals.

How we help international students?

Services: host country finder, budget planner & accommodation guide.
Resources: detailed articles covering life choices abroad from dusk till dawn.
Conquerors' diary: international students profiting from true hardships abroad.

How can you help fellow students?

Have you already conquered your challenges? Write about how you've grown!
Do you have ideas which could enhance the study abroad experience? Sharing is caring!

Why are you here?

Your reasons to study abroad

Are you thinking about studying abroad? You heard some pros and cons and now you've come here to make sure it's the right decision? We can give you the tools and inspiration to envision what could make it worthwhile for you to study abroad.

Champion study abroad experience

Are you preparing to study abroad or you're already in the host country? Do you want to know how to formulate a clear purpose and strategy for a legendary study abroad program? Preparing with us you'll see what a thousand international students saw.

New challenges after studying abroad

You already studied abroad and you feel you conquered new heights. International education has shown you that you can overcome any barrier in life. You built up an appetite for adventure, we show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Why work with us?

Conquer Abroad Team

We studied, interned and traveled abroad everywhere from popular capitals of the West to the hidden towns of the Eastern Siberian taiga. We all had challenges and fascinating moments that come with studying abroad and exploring the world. We have learnt so much from people all over the world that it's time to give something back. On our journeys we met too many international students who went home with thoughts like 'I could have/should have done more or differently'.

Our study abroad expertise and research is condensed into these pages with one single aim. We want to make your study abroad program the coolest and most intense eye-opening experience of your life - something that helps you build a better future for yourself and people around you. Surely you'll have to face your own challenges but with due preparation success is almost inevitable. Prepare with us to conquer abroad or if you already did, tell us your story to help fellow international students!

Our mission

We pave the way for international students to improve on the personal level, achieve professional success on a global scale and maintain a balanced and exciting lifestyle.

Our vision

Everyone is empowered to experience the best of what the world has to offer.