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  1. 1. Explore your options
         Where would you study abroad and why?

  2. 2. Compare pros and cons
         What’s holding you back and what motivates you?

  3. 3. Overcome your setbacks
         How could you find a way to study abroad?

Exploration articles

Benefits of studying abroad

The undisputable advantages of international education You heard about the compelling advantages of studying in foreign country and let's face it, it does sound very tempting. Most of the time people bring up that study abroad programs: improved... Continue reading

Cost of studying abroad

Estimate your costs abroad Studying abroad is an amazing experience, but only if you choose your study abroad program with your pocket in mind. It is recommended to choose a host country and host city where you can maintain a decent lifestyle withou... Continue reading

Best places to study abroad

Study abroad destination choices Choosing the best place for your international studies is a highly subjective decision, so we are here to provide guidance on how to choose a study abroad program that most fits your preferences, skills and future go... Continue reading

Best study abroad programs

Getting a degree abroad You made a decision that you want to study overseas and you narrowed down your choice to a specific set of countries and you chose a faculty that is aligned with your basic goals in life. Now you want to get together a l... Continue reading

Fund your study abroad program

Financing your experience abroad Financing your international education might seem intimidating at first and many just give up, well before they get started, because they think they do not have the money to study abroad. Some people still think that... Continue reading

Study abroad application

The basics of application You scanned through dozens of websites to find the most appealing foreign universities. Now that you narrowed down your choice to a couple of institutions, it is time to get started with the application process to study a... Continue reading

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