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  • STEP 1 - Check the country filters on the left.
  • STEP 2 - Tick the boxes based on your preference (you may select multiple options).
  • STEP 3 - Select/unselect the boxes until you narrowed it to a few results
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?Narrow down the host country choice by ticking the continent(s) you consider for studying abroad.
North America
South America


?Choose your host country based on the local native language(s).

Cost of living

?The average expected consumer prices in the country.

University reputation

?The number of top ranked universities in the country.

Safety level

?The level of safety is derived from the reported levels of personal crime (assault, battery, rape, homicide) in the country.

Student diversity

?The level of student diversity is derived from the number of foreign students studying in the host country per year.
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This is a comprehensive and universal study abroad host country finder. The tool is designed to provide guidance on finding the most suitable host country by offering filters for some of the key decision making factors. It is advised to consider further selection criteria depending on your personal situation. The options for each category have been presented in good faith, but please keep in mind that Conquer Abroad cannot guarantee that these criteria are applicable in your case too.

Always start from the broadest perspective and exclude countries after numerous iterations to make sure you have considered all your options. In case your host destination is not on the list or have other questions, please contact us.

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Conquer Abroad Team wishes you best of luck
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